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Mugs and Bowls


 Ruby and Frank Studio began many years ago as an instagram handle for everything that inspired me... then one day I looked at my grid and realised how deeply I had dived into  the world of ceramics... 

My journey with ceramics began as a teenager when my mother completed the Diploma in Ceramics in 1993, from then on ceramics surrounded me in many forms... in 2016 I was at cross roads and I decided it was time to get involved.

I completed a few hand-building and wheel-throwing short courses and I was hooked. 

I am an adventurer in life and in the past I found there was nothing that would really stick for me, once I got a semi handle on something I would get bored and move onto experimenting with something else.


When I discovered ceramics I felt like I hit the jackpot... There is no way I can ever get bored with this medium- there's too much to learn, too many outcomes, too much uncertainty, not only in terms of clay types, but then chemistry and glazing, kiln gas/electric operations...

that was it - I started to think about it all the time- all the possibilities and then ideas started pouring out.

 I decided it would be a good idea to complete the same Diploma my mother had done 23 years earlier .

 I completed the Diploma in Ceramics at Lismore Tafe and I was fortunate to have trained with renouned ceramic artists

Ray Cavill and Liz Stops.

Now 'Ruby and Frank Studio '

is a little store below my mezzanine-studio in Federal where I spend most of my days.

My other loves -

Ruby my step daughter and Francisco my son, that's where the name came from.

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