These cuties are inspired by some of my loves from my travels.

The 'moon' that always connects my mother and i in different parts of the planet yet we share the same sky. 

'Floating on Clouds' from my travels drifting through the mountains of Peru...

'Emerald Green Lakes' from that night i canoed under a full moon with my friend Gaz on a lake in Canada...

'White sands' from my lazy time in South East Asia...

'Ocean Deep' from the coasts of this country I'm lucky to have been born in Australia...


What a lucky girl i have been to experience so much and now carry my memories into my creations for them to live on..... ahhhhhh 


Variations in colour and size can occur in the kiln which is the amazing thing about ceramics and is what will give your piece uniqueness. No two pieces are the same.



Diameter 9cm

Weight 83



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