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Cool Breeze Bud Vase


These Cool-Breeze Bud Vases are wheel-thrown with a sandy coloured clay and glazed with a combination of R&F's glazes.

Each piece takes about 4 weeks from start to finish.

After creating each piece i allow them to dry slightly and 'trim' the base so it sits nicely. Then i allow to dry completely and put it in a kiln for it's first firing (1000 degrees), once the piece is out (the kiln sits closed after a firing for about the same amount of time it was firing so it cools slowly without causing cracking of pieces etc- usually another day or two) then  i sand it before carefully applying my glaze combinations (which i make from scratch but that's another 'chemistry rabbit hole') then it goes back into another firing -this time 1300 degrees. Then i cross my fingers and toes and hope for magic. 

These three turned out magic :)


Perfect for single stem flowers.

Variations in size 

Height aprox 13cms

Width aprox 9cms


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